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Welcome to Labia Stretching Ancient Lineage.
Documenting the ancient lineage of women who stretch their vaginal lips to achieve an increase in length!
The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit and contribute information about the ancient practice of Labia Stretching.
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About Labia Stretching is a site dedicated to preserving the historical value of a very old and practically ancient tradition known as Labia Stretching. This is a practice which involves stretching and elongating the inner vaginal lips of young women and continued throughout life. The practice of elongating the inner vaginal lips has a rich cultural history that is worth exploring and preserving the practice as human cultural heritage carried on by ages and passage of time.

Labia Stretching has its historical origins in Africa and spread outword towards the South Pacific and onto Asia. Modern day Labia Stretching is present in most countries mainly as a sexual desire to have longer vaginal lips. As well as a body modification practice to intentionally alter the human female body into a unique art form.

Your Contribution... is open to all persons who wish to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the ancient practice of labia stretching. If you are interested in contributing knowledge to this great cause, you can contribute by providing historical information, research and write articles, and women can provide photos or videos of the practice being performed.

If you wish to collaborate and improve any of the articles within, feel free to contact us and request an account for editing our site. We value all contributions whether it be small or large, as we wish to fully preserve the historical value of the ancient art of labia stretching and make it available to all persons who wish to learn more about it and explore a different form of sexual practice.

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